Collection of table textiles for Artemis textile
"Honeysuckle and bumblebees"
The collection was created for the spring-summer season. June honeysuckle blossoms and insects swarming around remind us of sunny summer days outside the city. Graceful symmetrical composition with interlacing of branches creates an elegant noble image. Thanks to a wide range of colours, the set will perfectly fit into modern and classic interiors.
The sketch for the project was drawn on paper, the segments were made in procreate, the final assembly and preparation of printed files were done in Photoshop
I try to choose actual colours that suit the brand and are in demand among costumers. Although most of them choose light textile for their interiors, it is important for me to also choose a range of dark colours that can be offered to costumers with different taste
Thanks for the photos to Artemis textile and Yana Masyagina
Textile with this design is ready
Thanks for watching!
I am open to new projects. If you have any ideas, please email me
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