Collection of table textiles for Artemis textile
"Purple clematis"
The new design of the tablecloth is inspired by the blooming clematis. This garden vine with beautiful purple flowers became the basis for a new set design. As clematis grows in nature, it also blooms on the board of the tablecloth, turning into a continuous line.
The center of the tablecloth is decorated with a calm mesh pattern, against which richly decorated napkins and a festive table setting will look advantageous.
I tried to preserve the naturalness of the plant and create a floral border that looks like
a wall overgrown with clematis. 
A little work process. I was looking for the prototype of the tablecloth and the general style on paper. The final illustration was made in Procreate, and the assembly of files for printing in Photoshop
The combination of cool shades of green and purple with notes of pink and orange creates a romantic and relaxed mood. The green used in the foliage is repeated in the center section and in the border, creating a complete frame for the floral motif. A subtle pink stripe echoes the color of the buds and adds a playful lightness to the design.
The collection includes three light color schemes and two dark ones
Thanks for the photos and video to Artemis textile and Yana Masyagina
Textiles with this design are already available for purchase
Thanks for watching!
I am open to new projects. If you have any ideas, please email me
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